"Word Crimes" Pretest

In preparation for our "Word Crimes" training on June 9, I'd like to find out which topics will give us the most bang for our buck. So please complete the following quiz by 5 p.m. next Wednesday, May 25.

These questions are intended to be challenging, so don't expect to get them all right. Also, keep in mind that usage changes over time, and some of the "rules" you were taught in school were never truly rules at all.

Let's get started!

Grammar and Usage

  1. Which one of the following greetings is punctuated incorrectly? (There is only one right answer.)
  2. Hi Amelia,

    Dear Joe,

    Hi, Amelia,

    Dear, Joe,

    Good morning, Amelia,

  3. Which one of the following compound modifiers (in italics) is punctuated incorrectly?
  4. You are classified as an in-state student.

    The rules are different for first-term undergrads.

    Confirm that she's a currently-enrolled student.

    As an enrolled student, you can do that on our self-service site.

    It looks like you're a part-time employee.

  5. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated incorrectly?
  6. You may assign, modify or revoke access at any time.

    You can make changes to a guest's access at any time edit your CU Guest Access settings in MyCUInfo.

    Although your name will not appear in the commencement program, you can graduate in May if you submit your application by the deadline.

    This connection is for authentication purposes only; CU-Boulder retains no record of or access to the social media account used.

    Use the withdrawal checklist to make sure you've completed all necessary actions before leaving campus (e.g., if you live in a residence hall, you must complete the checkout procedures).

  7. Even the most well-versed writers mistakenly use "into" when they mean "in to" and vice versa. Four of the following sentences are incorrect; which one is correct?
  8. Log into the portal.

    Tear into your sandwich.

    Run in to an old friend at a coffee shop.

    Log in to the portal.

    Check into a conference at the registration table.

  9. It's a constant struggle to catch common nouns masquerading as proper nouns by dressing up in capital letters. Four of the following terms (in italics) are capitalized incorrectly; which one is correct?
  10. Run a Degree Audit.

    Sign up for CU Guest Access.

    Set your Security Passphrase.

    Earn a Master's Degree.

    Email the Registrar.

University Style

  1. What's the official university style guide?
  2. Chicago Manual of Style (a.k.a., CMS, Chicago or the Chicago Manual)

    Associated Press Stylebook (a.k.a., AP or AP Style)

    University of Oxford Style Guide (a.k.a., Oxford or Oxford Style)

    The Elements of Style (a.k.a., Strunk & White)

    MLA Style Manual (a.k.a., MLA)

  3. What's currently the official abbreviation for the University of Colorado Boulder?
  4. CU-Boulder


    CU Boulder



  5. Which one of the following dates is formatted correctly for use in the sample sentence?

  6. Please join us at 8 a.m. on __________ for an all-staff meeting led by the Technology, Communications and Reporting unit.

    Tuesday, August 9, 2016

    Tues., Aug. 9, 2016,

    Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2016,

    Tues., August 9, 2016

    Tues., Aug. 9, 2016

  7. Four of the following terms (in italics) are capitalized, punctuated and spaced correctly; which one is not?
  8. Click to add your name to the wait-list.

    The following deadlines apply to Spring 2017.

    It's the responsibility of the university to enforce safety rules.

    The academic calendar for 2017–18 is now available on our website.

    Swipe your Buff OneCard to unlock the door.

  9. What's the official name of the portal?
  10. mycuinfo





Best Practices

  1. Bad habits can be hard to break, but first you have to realize they're bad. Four of the following behaviors are bad practice; which one is good practice?
  2. Hitting the spacebar twice after the end of a sentence.

    Restyling a heading by highlighting it and using the buttons in the toolbar to change the font size, add space before and after, etc.

    Not adding alt text to images.

    Typing the revision date and page number in the document's footer.

    Hitting the spacebar five times to indent a paragraph.

  3. You're responding to an email from a student, and you want to direct them to a document on our website. What's the ideal way to do that?
  4. Paste the URL into the email and hit the spacebar to activate the hyperlink.

    Attach the PDF to your response.

    Type the name of the document and make that name a hyperlink.

    Write out the website navigation.

    Copy the relevant text from the PDF and paste it into the email.

  5. All three of the following URLs will take you to the same document; however, one of them is much less likely to break if we modify the document later. Which of these links is the so-called "evergreen" link?
  6. http://www.colorado.edu/registrar/node/1060/attachment



  7. Which of the following practices decreases a document's accessibility?
  8. Using styles to format text (e.g., Normal, Heading 1, Hyperlink).

    Setting a header row in a table.

    Using text boxes to arrange text.

    Using columns to arrange text.

    Using bulleted or numbered lists.

  9. You're adding content to an e-memo, and you want to tell students to go to a specific webpage for more information. Which of the following sentences is most informative and accessible?
  10. Visit the Office of the Registrar website for more information.

    Click here for more information.

    Visit Additional Transcript Options for more information.

Before any training, your score out of 150 points is...